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Do I need a passport?

For this particular cruise you DO NOT need a passport. You need at least an official U.S Birth Certificate & A Valid U.S ID &/Or Driver License.

Can I travel alone? 

Yes, you are allowed to travel alone on the cruise, but all rooms are double occupancy which means you will still have to pay for a total of two guests. 


What is the maximum amount of guest per cabin? 

Some cabins can hold up to four guests. 


What is the scheduled destination of cruise?

Cozumel, Mexico


What time are guest expected to arrive on day of departure? 

After your final payment, you will be given a boarding/arrival timeframe to choose from. 


What are some of the activities on the cruise ship? 

The boat will have tons of activities, including but not limited to, comedy shows, fun in the sun out on the deck, pool parties, night clubs, casino, bars, trivia games, gym, basketball courts, volleyball courts, mini golf, water slides. 


Are food & drinks included? 

YES! Unlimited food and drinks are all included 24/7 at no additional cost. but unfortunately ALCOHOLIC beverages are NOT included. We do offer a drink pass and  bottle service , we can assist you with this. 

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